Thursday, February 23, 2006


I have produced a few panoramas so far, with varying degrees of success, but nothing I would consider great. The first few were taken on the Brooklyn Bridge on a very cold and blustery morning. With the wind, traffic vibrations, unlevel tripod and my shaking hands, I never had a prayer in getting the images to stitch. It's hard to see on the blog but the buildings jut into the sky at two different angles. I also still need to work on the white balance when shooting outdoors. I could have used the neutral gray (brownish) sky on this morning.

This one's better as far as the stitch goes, but it is far from perfect. If you look closely at the building just to the left of the bridge tower, you can see a ghosted double image where the stitch is off.

Here is my latest attempt: another cold dark morning, this time in the CT. I am still having trouble with the white balance, but the stitch is much improved. I was on solid ground and took a little more time setting up. I think that I gave it a little more overlap as well. I think it's a nice image, albeit a bit dark. Let's just call it moody.

link to the 12.5.mb file


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